Paint Louis 2021 is a Living Work-In-Progress

Tyler working with artist Mee Jey on Mannat

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In the Fabricatorz Foundation’s fourth year of participation, the organization is opening up its participation in Paint Louis to the community through the PTSD crew. If you want to paint or contribute in other ways, you can reach out to [email protected] for space to paint on a section of our wall called the Collective Canvas, the crew’s first action at Paint Louis 2021. Current collaborators also include Indian artist Mee Jey who’s work Mannat will also be on display September 3–5th as a memorial on the anniversary of the death of Alan Kurdi.

To learn more about Paint Louis, the artists with PTSD, and the Fabricatorz Foundation’s involvement, or to participate, please continue reading here →

Mannat on display during Paint Louis, September 3–5, 2021
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