Worship with Daniel Smith — 20 April 2022


20 April 2022

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God bless.

Daniel Smith, aka Danielson aka Brother Daniel, is the captain of the Danielson Famile. Daniel and I discuss worship —what it is and what it isn’t— how he found God, and his various projects. From my last conversation with him I believe we’re on the same page on

In the late-90s and early-00s, Danielson was a significant contributor to the indie and chamber pop sounds that dominated college playlists and p4k reviews. Danielson’s music, along with other artists like Sufjan Stevens, was a pleasant oddity at the time which justified youth group kids who left the faith, an opportunity to hide their appreciation behind irony.

Most recently, Daniel created 80s Christian hair metal for the niche comedy, Electric Jesus (featuring actors from The Breakfast Club and The Office). I’m excited to talk with someone who seems to have a unique relationship with God.

Projects: Danielson, Brother Daniel, Sounds Familyre label, Electric Jesus