Tools for Organizing the Sensorium is now available at SCALE

Image generated by Stable Diffusion based on the text prompt “new sensorium”

I have the honor of curating the November 2022 volume of SCALE Publishing, a curious online publication on cultural technology that’s been around since 2004.

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In short, I asked artists, writers, illustrators, and technologists to contribute insights on how to reorganize our sensorium to better understand how to navigate the cultural and technological landscape. Poems, essays, and artworks are unlocked with your purchase of the NFKey.

Contributors include:

  • Andrew McLuhan
    A poetic exploration of the classic art of rhetoric
  • Andy Hartzell
    A surreal visual cautionary tale
  • Jon Phillips
    A diaristic memorial as modus vivendi
  • Luke Rollins
    Illustration and essay for masters of their environment
  • Makio135
    Generative artwork and code
  • Paul Guzzardo
    A mythopoetic history
  • Petra Cortright
    Digital paintings constructing new visual languages
  • Tyler Chevéz Mathews
    Mixed psalm for navigating troubled waters

The prompt is pulled from Walter Ong’s Presence of the Word (1967). Ong was a cultural and religious historian, philosopher, and protégé and friend of Marshall McLuhan.

Man’s sensory perceptions are abundant and overwhelming. He cannot attend to them all at once…It is useful to think of cultures in terms of the organization of the sensorium…the entire sensory apparatus as an operational complex.

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